Social Engineering in Slack: How Multi-Channel Attacks Target Your Workplace

Security and compliance for collaboration. 

Slack is a vital communication channel for modern enterprises to increase employee collaboration and productivity. The importance of cloud workspaces such as Slack has made them a target in multi-channel cyber attacks.

Enterprises use SafeGuard Cyber FirstSight to ensure communication and collaboration security and compliance through: 
  • Integrated Cloud Communication Security: Using Contextual AI and an Ontological Architecture that incorporates domain-specific knowledge, SafeGuard Cyber secures employee communications across different channels.
  • Multi-Channel Indicators of Risk: It detects various forms of phishing, credential theft, impersonation, insider threats, and malware, providing examples of each.
  • Unified Visibility: Offers comprehensive insights across email, collaboration, mobile messaging, and social channels.
  • Contextual AI: Leverages LLMs, Behavioral Analysis, Social Knowledge graphs, and integrations with backend systems for effective threat detection in any language. 
  • Threat Impact Analysis: Helps organizations prioritize threats based on their potential impacts, such as financial loss, brand damage, and data breaches.
  • Deployment Model: An API-first, device-agnostic, SaaS-based solution that maintains employee and company privacy.
  • Agentless solution:  Provides a seamless end-user experience. 
  • Proactive protection: Get the actionable context and insights in the FirstSight Dashboard, SIEM, email or Slack.
Key features and benefits of the SafeGuard Cyber FirstSight platform’s integration with Slack include:
  • Accelerating Cybersecurity with AI and Automation: SafeGuard Cyber's integration into Slack leverages AI and automation to expedite and streamline cybersecurity processes. This feature provides easy-to-use, no-code automation tools, enabling users to proactively manage security threats. The AI capabilities within the app automate threat detection and response, making it simpler to protect communication channels within Slack.
  • Enhanced Knowledge Sharing and Data Search: SafeGuard Cyber's integration transforms Slack into a central repository for cybersecurity and compliance knowledge. It utilizes AI-powered search capabilities, allowing users to swiftly locate vital information on potential threats and compliance standards directly within Slack.
  • Engaging and Connecting Teams in Cybersecurity: By integrating with Slack, SafeGuard Cyber fosters an interactive, conversational approach to cybersecurity. This enhances team, partner, and customer engagement, embedding cybersecurity into daily dialogues and enhancing overall security awareness.
  • Integrating with Slack's AI Ecosystem: SafeGuard Cyber's addition to Slack's growing AI app ecosystem enriches the utility of both platforms. Among over 10,000 AI apps on Slack, SafeGuard Cyber offers unique cybersecurity and compliance capabilities, making AI-driven security insights readily accessible.

Deploy cybersecurity and compliance in Slack fast. Secure your Slack instance with FirstSight.

How to secure Slack for business

Natural Language Understanding
Cross-Channel Event Correlation
Integrated Response
Rapid Time to Value
Achieve unparalleled visibility into communication context and intent with our enhanced NLU analytics, now powered by Contextual AI.
Slack Security Features Slack Security Features
Detect security risks in inbound and outbound communication,

even when no link or payload is present.

Disrupt the kill chain earlier by detecting pretexting, coercion,

and other social engineering techniques.

Correlate risk events across multiple channels such as Slack, email, Microsoft 365, and more.
Slack Security Features Slack Security Features
Spot sophisticated campaigns that target users

across multiple channels.

Risk reporting helps gauge and

track business communications security posture.

Feed events into existing SOC workflows and respond with IAM integrations.
Slack Security Features Slack Security Features
Reduce response time with playbooks and

automated actions such as quarantine.

Force re-authentication

via Okta and Azure Active Directory

Agentless deployment for rapid setup and low-maintenance operation.
Slack Security Features Slack Security Features
Simplified setup and response

with cloud-based identity management.

Security Dashboard provides prioritized detections for investigation

and highlights attack trends and frequency.


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“SafeGuard Cyber’s solution has enabled our team to collaborate
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Jeremy Norwood
Chief Information Officer, Skytra

Integrated Cloud Communication Security
Discover how SafeGuard Cyber secures your organization your organization against Credential Theft and Impersonation, Phishing, Insider Threats, Social Engineering, Invoice Fraud, Malware, and Policy Violations.
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