Social Engineering in Slack: How Multi-Channel Attacks Target Your Workplace

Secure collaboration. Make Slack secure.

Slack is a vital communication channel for modern enterprises to increase employee collaboration and productivity. The importance of cloud workspaces such as Slack has made them a target in multi-channel cyber attacks.

Recent attacks have included infiltration, social engineering to steal credentials, and lateral movement into connected data systems like GitHub, Jira, Google Drive, and more.

SafeGuard Cyber's security platform deploys in minutes to create a security layer no matter how your employees access Slack: web, app, BYOD, or corporate managed device. Our patented Natural Language Understanding technology empowers secure human communication to protect your company's data and employees across 30 communications channels in 52 languages.

Deploy cybersecurity in Slack channels fast. Secure your Slack instance with SafeGuard Cyber.

How to secure Slack for business

Natural Language Understanding
Cross-Channel Event Correlation
Integrated Response
Rapid Time to Value
Gain deep visibility into the context and intent of communications with patented NLU analytics.
Slack Security Features Slack Security Features
Detect security risks in inbound and outbound communication,

even when no link or payload is present.

Disrupt the kill chain earlier by detecting pretexting, coercion,

and other social engineering techniques.

Correlate risk events across multiple channels such as Slack, email, Microsoft 365, and more.
Slack Security Features Slack Security Features
Spot sophisticated campaigns that target users

across multiple channels.

Risk reporting helps gauge and

track business communications security posture.

Feed events into existing SOC workflows and respond with IAM integrations.
Slack Security Features Slack Security Features
Reduce response time with playbooks and

automated actions such as quarantine.

Force re-authentication

via Okta and Azure Active Directory

Agentless deployment for rapid setup and low-maintenance operation.
Slack Security Features Slack Security Features
Simplified setup and response

with cloud-based identity management.

Security Dashboard provides prioritized detections for investigation

and highlights attack trends and frequency.

“SafeGuard Cyber’s solution has enabled our team to collaborate
more effectively. The ease of setup...has saved us valuable time and money, so we can focus on growing our business.”

Jeremy Norwood
Chief Information Officer, Skytra

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