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Security decision-makers who say that Zero Trust is critical to their organization’s success.

Source: Microsoft Zero Trust Adoption Report 2021

Respondents citing high-profile ransomware incidents as the top motivator for deploying Zero Trust

Source: Osterman Research: Why Zero Trust is Important

Reduction in the average cost of a data breach with a Zero Trust strategy

Source: 12 Illuminating Zero Trust Statistics and Trends in 2022

Prevent attackers from moving laterally within your environment.


Secure Business Communication Channels

Close gaps in your security posture with deep visibility into business communications across 30 channels in both corporate and personal assets. Risk analytics for language-based attacks enable teams to scrutinize suspicious human behavior revealed in communication patterns. Detect and correlate risk events across channels, to disrupt attacks earlier and rapidly reduce investigation time.

Identify the Context and Intent

Identify the Context and Intent of Communications

With Contextual Analysis, teams move beyond just metadata analysis to understand the intent behind workspace communications. Our patented Natural Language Understanding technology and Social Engineering Detection capabilities help security teams determine HOW and WHY suspicious communications are taking place.

How Our Customers Prevent Malware Intrusion, Impersonation, and Fraud

MS Teams Security
Organization Secures Microsoft Teams Collaboration Against Malware Intrusion and Cyber Risk
Isolated 1,989 risk events in various languages with language-agnostic risk analytics.

With SafeGuard Cyber they can now detect social engineering in 50+ languages, prevent malware and ransomware from propagating the business, and reduce risk to the organizations in human communications.

Executive Impersonation
$4.5B Charitable Trust Stops Executive Impersonation and Donor Fraud
8,000+ accounts detected within the first 12 months, with over 87% identified as suspicious

The company had to pay a third-party agency to manually search, review, and process takedown requests -- a costly and time-intensive process. The organization felt it was still missing risks and takedowns were taking too long and were difficult to track. SafeGuard Cyber dramatically reduced the organization’s brand protection costs and resources.

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Adopt a Zero Trust Model for Secure Communications

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