Learn About The Five Principles of WhatsApp Compliance
of business communication is now in digital channels outside of email, up 17% since 2020

Source: Business Communications Report, 2022

of companies now view compliance as a barrier to entering new markets


Source: Compliance in the Era of Digital Transformation

of organizations see risk management as reactive and costly vs proactive

Source: Disruption is the New Norm: Risk Management Survey Report

Assure compliance no matter where your people work.

Reduce Oversight Cost Up to 80%
Governance for All Communications
Enable Digital Transformation
Rapid Time to Value
Automate compliance supervision for all messages, links, and attachments.
WhatsApp Compliance WhatsApp Compliance
Detect compliance risks in any language,

for any regulatory framework.

Identify data leakage

and noncompliant content.

Capture all content and metadata to preserve a complete digital record, including legal holds.
Telegram Telegram
Detect and respond to risks in real time,

with quarantine capabilities where supported.

API integration into existing archive systems

like Global Relay.

Empower your teams to engage authentically in key markets.
WhatsApp WhatsApp
Capture only business communications,

preserving employees' privacy.

Retain native experience

for end users.

Rapid deployment at scale, no agent or software installation required.
Telegram Telegram
Supervise communications for data loss, PII,

proprietary information in messages, links and attachments.

Apply multiply policies across different regulatory frameworks


See How Customers Protect Human Communication

Investment Management Firm Automates Compliance for Telegram
70,000 Telegram messages per month automatically captured and archived.

When a leading financial services firm bridging institutional investing to cryptocurrency markets wanted to enable Telegram for business, it turned to SafeGuard Cyber.

Compliant communication at scale: 118,000+ WhatsApp messages per month, across 15 countries.
When a Global100 pharmaceutical leader wanted to enable its field force across 15 countries to use WhatsApp, it turned to SafeGuard Cyber.

"WhatsApp is critical to high quality HCP engagement in our overseas markets. SafeGuard Cyber's compliance solution enables field force agility, product delivery, and has helped accelerate our digital transformation."

Global Head of Product Management
Modern Compliance Guide
Don't let compliance needs hold back growth. Find out how to scale for modern communication channels.
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Modern Compliance Guide

Compliance and governance for mobile chat channels.

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