Multi-Channel Communication Attacks: How Threat Actors Exploit Your Applications

Securing Telegram 


Telegram boasts more than half a billion monthly active users. Recognized as one of the most secure communication channels, it is popular with cryptocurrency firms and blockchain technology companies.

The cryptocurrency market faces twin risks: increasing regulatory scrutiny and coin theft attacks via malware and social engineering attacks. Recently the FBI, US Treasury, and CISA issued a joint advisory that North Korean threat actors are targeting the entire cryptocurrency sector.

With SafeGuard Cyber, companies can capture Telegram content to meet regulatory requirements, and apply security and compliance policies to ensure the integrity of company data. SafeGuard Cyber’s scalable solution enables Telegram sanctioned business communication channel across 52 languages and multiple regulatory frameworks.

See how our Telegram integration works below.

"SafeGuard Cyber has helped us enable emerging communication applications to better serve our clients. Telegram is vital to our company's growth. The SafeGuard Cyber team has been responsive to our changing business needs, and we value our partnership."

Cryptocurrency Investment Management Firm


Security and Compliance for Telegram

Rapid Time to Value
Automated Compliance
Secure Collaboration
Enable Digital Transformation
Setup in minutes with user authorization. Scale for any region and language.
Plaform_Telegram_ChannelImages_1_2022 Platform_Telegram_ChannelImages_1-4_Mobile_2022
Detect security and compliance risks in any language,

for any regulatory framework

Mitigate data loss, malicious links, and even ransomware in real time,

supported by sandboxing and analysis.

Protect your company against regulatory fines and risks.
Plaform_Telegram_ChannelImages_2_2022 Platform_Telegram_ChannelImages_1-4_Mobile_2022
Ensure compliance with SEC Rules 17A-3 and 17A-4

with automated content capture in native format.

Detect compliance risks in any language,

for any regulatory framework.

Patented NLU technology to defend against cyber threats
Plaform_Telegram_ChannelImages_3_2022 Platform_Telegram_ChannelImages_1-4_Mobile_2022
Supervise communications for data loss, PII, threatening language,

insider threats, and malware.

Detect and respond to cyber risks in real time,

with full quarantine capabilities.

Improve customer experience in cryptocurrency markets while reducing risk to your workforce.
Plaform_Telegram_ChannelImages_4_2022 Platform_Telegram_ChannelImages_1-4_Mobile_2022
Retain a seamless native experience

for end users.

Correlate risks across entire communications environment

with support for over 30 communication channels.

"The U.S. government has observed North Korean cyber actors targeting a variety of organizations in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency industry...The activity described in this advisory involves social engineering of victims using a variety of communication platforms."

Alert (AA22-108A)
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency

Success Story
How an Investment Management Firm Automates Compliance for 70,000+ Telegram Messages Per Month
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