Just Released: Advanced Multi-Channel Security with Microsoft 365 Email  Protection

Advanced Risk Mitigation for Microsoft Teams

Communications are changing. Collaboration platforms, like Microsoft Teams, experienced unprecedented growth during the pandemic.

Enterprises may ask: “Is MS teams secure?” Yes, and no. True, Microsoft has its own layer of security protocols to protect its users. However, that is not enough. With the massive user base comes a wider attack surface and heightened Microsoft Teams’ cybersecurity risks. Several organizations and individuals that leverage Teams have suffered various malware and social engineering attacks.

The good news? With the right solution, you can enhance Microsoft Teams security and chat privacy to protect you and your employees. Secure business communications on Microsoft Teams with SafeGuard Cyber. 

See how our Microsoft Teams integration works below.

Advanced Risk Controls for Microsoft Teams

Stop Advanced Attacks
Cross-Channel Event Correlation
Integrated Response
Rapid Time to Value
Gain deep visibility into the context and intent of communications with patented Natural Language Understanding technology.
Stop Advanced Attacks Stop Advanced Attacks
Detect advanced risks in inbound and outbound communication,

even when no link or payload is present.

Disrupt the kill chain earlier by detecting impersonation, coercion,

and other social engineering techniques.

Correlate risk events across other communications channels such as email, LinkedIn, Slack, and more.
Cross-Channel Event Correlation Cross-Channel Event Correlation
Spot sophisticated multi-channel campaigns

targeting your cloud workspace.

Understand the security posture of your cloud workplace

at a glance.

Speed response to social engineering and other business communication compromises.
Integrated Response Integrated Response
Reduce response time with automated actions

such as quarantine and remediation playbooks.

Force re-authorization via IAM solutions

like Azure AD and Okta.

Deploy in minutes with Direct API integrations.
Rapid Time to Value Rapid Time to Value
Simplifed maintenance to work with native Microsoft controls

like ATP Defender.

Security Dashboard provides prioritized detections for investigation

and highlights attack trends and frequency.

"A proactive security approach correlates with high ROI and productivity improvements...By enabling policy-based security and compliance enforcement of Zoom Meetings and Zoom Chat, SafeGuard Cyber enables companies to safely meet their compliance and governance requirements."

Irwin Lazar
President and Principal Analyst, Metrigy

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Organization automatically archives 125K messages in the first 10 days with SafeGuard Cyber
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