Today, the SafeGuard Cyber team is pleased to announce the release of enhanced capabilities to protect organizations against multi-channel cyber attacks. First, we’ve added Microsoft 365 Email to the 30 communication channels we already secure. Second, with this broader and deeper visibility, we've added Cross-Channel Event Correlation. This new release adds a powerful cyber defense layer to the native security provided within Microsoft 365, giving SOC teams the tools to stop difficult to defend social engineering attacks, insider threats, ransomware intrusion, and other advanced threats across the email channel.


Humans remains the greatest risk

Despite advances in cybersecurity tools, humans remain the most critical vulnerability to any security strategy. This fact has been shown time and again, from Colonial Pipeline to the recent Lapsus$ breaches at NVIDIA and Okta, which were attributed to social engineering. It’s also evident in the data. Fully 85% of breaches were caused by exploiting a human vulnerability compared to just 3% that leverage application vulnerabilities, according to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

Compounding the human factor is the explosive adoption and proliferation of communication channels, with 45% of business communication now taking place in digital channels outside of email. However, existing solutions that protect against email compromise do little to secure collaboration, chat, conferencing, social media, and mobile messaging. This multi-channel security gap is a blind spot that threat actors can and have begun to exploit, making it difficult for security teams to properly manage risk and comply with regulatory requirements in cloud workplaces. 

Chief Product Officer, Rusty Carter, notes, “Email is commonly used as an initial point of contact from which more sophisticated attacks emanate. Attackers, and especially those attempting to commit fraud, impersonation, account takeover and business compromise are evading detection by starting communications in email and then quickly moving conversations to other channels such as Slack or Teams.” To protect this gap, we have also added Cross-Channel Event Correlation. SafeGuard Cyber can now detect and alert on sophisticated campaigns, by correlating events across multiple channels for collaboration, chat, conferencing, social media, and mobile messaging.

Advanced Multi-channel Communication Security

With the introduction of the Microsoft 365 email channel and Cross-Channel Event Correlation to SafeGuard Cyber’s existing analytics, our customers will now have the most advanced protection available against attacks within and across their communications ecosystem. Deeper visibility into threats in business communications means security teams can detect and respond to attacks that weaponize employees’ human behavior and psychology. Now, CISOs and their security teams can deploy a broader level of SOC visibility across their organizations' cloud workspaces. 

SafeGuard Cyber has the unique ability to understand the context and intent of communications. The SafeGuard Cyber platform integrates directly into workplace communication channels via APIs and uses patented Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology and cloud-based machine learning (ML) to detect security risks in the dynamic medium of human language. With coverage for over 30 communications channels, including Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom and LinkedIn, and with autodetection of more than 50 languages, security teams can deploy an unprecedented level of deep visibility needed to stop advanced security attacks. 

Support for Microsoft 365 email and cross-channel correlation capabilities will help users consolidate their communications security solutions, avoid additional resource impacts, and optimize their investment in Microsoft 365. You can deploy advanced communications security for Microsoft 365 email and Microsoft Teams in minutes and easily connect with Microsoft Sentinel to enable your SOC and security teams to manage everything from their existing SIEM. By bringing all relevant messages across all communication channels into one view, you can automate responses to attacks with native quarantine and integrated responses to simplify analyst workflow and lower MTTR. 

SafeGuard Cyber was built from the ground up to protect the way humans work. Legacy tools were designed to protect machines and systems from threat actors. Humans, however, are at the center of every compromise. With patented Natural Language Understanding, we're proud to help organizations solve for threat vectors that continue to evade existing tools: social engineering attacks, insider threats, ransomware, and other advanced threats across such email and workplace channels as Microsoft 365, Slack, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram and more. 

We protect the way humans work, share, and collaborate, so you can secure your business.

If you are interested in learning more about the SafeGuard Cyber solution, you can take a quick 5-minute tour.

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