Chris Lehman, our CEO, recently sat down for an interview with Information Security Media Group at ISMG's Financial Services Summit 2023. During a discussion with Tom Field, Chris covered the dynamic and ever-changing nature of modern cybersecurity, and why multi-channel coverage is key.

"Employees are always going to be the biggest vulnerability when it comes to cybersecurity," Chris stated, highlighting the unpredictable nature of human behavior despite comprehensive training and awareness programs. He pointed out that the expansion of communication channels like Slack, Team, WhatsApp, and Telegram has significantly increased the potential for cyber threats, necessitating a shift in security strategies.

Chris further explained, "It's no longer just about email. You've got to protect collaboration channels, like Slack and Teams. You've got to protect messaging applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. You have social channels that employees use to communicate, SMS, there's all these new ways to communicate."

Acknowledging the challenge of maintaining visibility across these diverse channels, Chris emphasized the role of security teams in enabling business innovation and growth, rather than being obstacles.

In addressing these challenges, SafeGuard Cyber has developed FirstSight, a next-generation cybersecurity platform. Chris described this platform as built on an "ontological architecture," designed to replicate the human brain's approach to synthesizing information and understanding relationships.

"Our ontological architecture enables us to infer the potential impact associated with an attack," Chris detailed, focusing on the platform's ability to prioritize threats based on their potential impact. This approach extends beyond mere threat detection, offering a comprehensive understanding of the magnitude of potential threats.

Chris shared a case study of a pharmaceutical company, a client of SafeGuard Cyber, that experienced a "300% increase in customer engagement" by transitioning their marketing to WhatsApp. This move not only improved customer interaction but also enhanced threat detection and response capabilities, particularly against insider threats.

In a competitive cybersecurity market, Chris asserted that SafeGuard Cyber distinguishes itself by aiding security teams in prioritizing their response based on the potential impact of threats.

"We're not just detecting threats; we're providing full context," Chris concluded, reinforcing SafeGuard Cyber's commitment to unified visibility, contextual AI, and impact analysis.



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As communication channels evolve, SafeGuard Cyber remains dedicated to innovation, ensuring that security tools are not only reactive but also predictive and adaptive. The conversation with CEO Chris Lehman highlights our commitment to this mission.

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