We’re continuing our celebration of Women’s History Month with our series of interviews with women in cybersecurity. From CISOs and the lessons they’ve learned, to what the next generation of defenders has to offer, we’re bringing you two interviews per week. All month long!

How do you advocate for yourself? In survey after survey, women are seen as “bossy” or “conceited” in the same context where men are seen as “assertive” and “confident.” What’s more, while we see more women entering the cybersecurity field than ever before, there’s a gap emerging in the middle, where the leap to leadership is made. 

Today, my guest is Jana Moore, CISO at Belron International. I’m joined by Lisa Hayashi, SafeGuard Cyber CMO and founder of the Vision and Voice: Women in Cybersecurity community.  We wanted to talk to Jana about what she’s learned in her career, and how to cultivate the skills for the next generation of women leaders.

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