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SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom 

SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom Support Documentation


SafeGuard Cyber provides comprehensive compliance and security protections for your Zoom account in 5 key areas:

  1. IM Chat - SafeGuard Cyber will archive and identify any security or compliance risk within IM Chat (1-on-1, group, or channel) within your Zoom account.
  2. In-Meeting Chat - all chat conducted in any meeting hosted by members of your Zoom account will be archived and inspected for security and/or compliance risks.
  3. Meeting Audio, Video, and Transcript - the audio, video, and transcript of your hosted Zoom meetings will be archived and inspected for potential risk.
  4. Security Best Practices - SafeGuard Cyber will continuously monitor key settings within your Zoom account to ensure they adhere to security best practices.
  5. Suspicious Sign-In - SafeGuard Cyber will identify sign-in activity related to any member of your Zoom account that appears to be suspicious in nature

The information below will help walk you through the process to install the SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom application and start protecting your account.

Please note the following pre-requisites before installing the SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom app:

  • Enable Meeting Archiving for your Zoom account to ensure arching features can be used. To do this, contact Zoom support and request "Meeting and Webinar Archiving" to be enabled for your account. When making your request to enable the feature, please let Zoom know that you will be leveraging the SafeGuard Cyber app which requires this feature to be enabled.
  • Once the "Meeting and Webinar Archiving" feature is made available, please sign in as an admin to your Zoom account, and enable this setting (located in the Meetings section of your account settings).
  • Installation of our app must be performed within the SafeGuard Cyber platform, and can only be authorized by an owner or admin of your Zoom account. If you have any questions or would like to try out SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom, please contact your SafeGuard Cyber support representative or contact us here and we can get you started with a free trial!


Please follow the steps below to install the SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom app and begin protecting your Zoom account.

  1. Login to SafeGuard Cyber at https://safeguardcyber.app
  2. Select Admin from the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  3. In the left navigation pane, select a Zoom channel from the list. If one is not currently available, create a new Zoom channel following your normal new channel setup procedures (just be sure to select "Zoom" as the connector type).
  4. Select the Connector tab in the resulting Channel Settings screen, and click the Connect to Zoom button as indicated below. Zoom_Connect_Start (1)
  5. If required, please sign into your Zoom account as an owner or an admin with the appropriate permissions.
  6. You will next be prompted to confirm your intent to install the SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom app. To do so please indicate your acceptance of the various requested features, then click the Authorize button at the bottom of the screen. Zoom_AuthPermissionsRequest_1
  7. Once you have successfully completed this process, you will be returned to SafeGuard Cyber where your "Connect to Zoom" button will be replaced with a status indicating Authorized.

Uninstalling SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom

We hate to see you go, but if you ever need to uninstall the SafeGuard Cyber for Zoom application, you can perform this directly within your Zoom account as follows:

  1. Sign into your Zoom account as an owner or admin with the appropriate permissions.
  2. Navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  3. Click Manage then Installed Apps. Note that you can also search for the SafeGuard Cyber app.
  4. Click the SafeGuard Cyber app.
  5. Click Uninstall.