We are excited to release the results of our 2019 spring survey looking at how companies are securing social media, mobile messaging, and collaboration apps. More than 200 information security professionals across a variety of industries participated. Results show the number one security concern for enterprises is cyber threats, followed by brand & reputational risks

We took our research a step further - our goal was to assess how global enterprises manage risks with the increased adoption of new third-party apps (social media, collaboration, & communication channels). The results are bucketed into three categories: 

  1. Policy management
  2. Use & perceived risks
  3. Risk mitigation

Top Results: Quantifying the security threat of third-party apps 

Charts - RisksFromChannels - SafeGuard Cyber

In addition to these findings, the survey also explores: 

  • Which departments own digital risk management
  • What third-party apps are most popular in today’s workplace
  • Where the greatest perceived risks exist

Key Takeaway: Third-party app security is a business risk

Enterprises have a false sense of security when it comes to mitigating cyber threats on third-party apps. We know that the potential damage is real & organizations are giving mixed messages when it comes to policy. Now is the time for enterprises to take a more proactive approach in securing third-party app usage.

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Guide: Read the guide to learn more
on how to secure collaboration tools