Mobile apps, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram, are quickly becoming the most popular group calling, file sharing, and messaging services. These channels are critical for unlocking emerging markets. Now virtually every messaging app offers a “business version”.

These apps are popular for commercial and governmental communications, as well as many activist groups around the world seeking secure communication channels. Similar to other social media platforms, these apps present unique visibility issues, and are vulnerable to many cybersecurity and compliance risks.



Sharing links and attachments is so easy on platforms like WhatsApp, but it’s just as easy for employees or customers to share malicious links (e.g., malware) or attachments that can compromise accounts.

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Account Authorizations

It is important that users have authorization and entitlement to use their mobile apps for business purposes.

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Account Impersonations

Bad actors may establish seemingly authentic accounts while, in fact, impersonating executives, employees, or subscribers for potentially malicious purposes.

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Malicious Message Content

Any content posted to the channel that has the potential to do harm to the organization (e.g. racist commentary, links to harmful/malicious websites).

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Data Security & Privacy Concerns

Privileged information or personally identifiable information (PII) is shared, perhaps inadvertently, but in violation of data security or privacy policies.

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Certain industries are governed by internal business policies or regulations to supervise all communications, including mobile messages. Businesses must also preserve user activity and all content for archival retention, audits, and potential litigation and e-discovery.

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Account Takeover (ATO)

Even when your account settings are at the highest level of security (e.g. 2FA), they are still vulnerable to exploitations and ATO attacks.

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Fake Sites & Phishing Attacks

Many bogus sites are destinations for phishing attacks. Such sites have the precise look and feel of the company's real website, thereby tricking visitors into revealing login credentials and other private information.

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