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Houston Technology Summit

Location: Houston, TX Speaker:

Join us at Elevate IT's Houston Technology Summit! Come meet in person with the SafeGuard Cyber team to learn more about how we can protect your collaboration channels. 

The ElevateIT: Houston Technology Summit is designed with your goals in mind, and we are excited to connect you with local experts and resources to assist with your cybersecurity needs.

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SPEED IS THE NEED: Securing New Work Environments Against New Cyber Risks

Location: Online Speaker: Chris Hetner, Special Advisor for Cyber Risk National Assoc. of Corporate Directors, Formerly: Sr. Cyber Advisor to the SEC Chair Global CISO, GE Capital

Today’s cybersecurity leaders face a two-front struggle: the rapid evolution of digital work environments and the exponential increase in cyberattacks. How can security teams adapt to both trends with attention so divided?

Join this expert discussion on October 14th with Chris Hetner to learn strategies for navigating these issues.

Attendees will learn:
  • How these concurrent trends affect risk prioritization
  • How to communicate new risks across the organization to gain the security budget needed to adapt
  • How to take action against the newest risks in business communications

Takeaway: Attendees will receive a free checklist & questionnaire they can use to take action immediately 


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New Cyber Frontiers

Location: Online Speaker: Moderator: Chris Hetner Special Advisor for Cyber Risk Panelists: Naomi Buckwalter, vCISO, Julie Chatman, Executive Cyber Strategist, Octavia N. Howell, BISO

Executive Roundtable

Join this Executive Roundtable discussion to learn strategies for navigating the new cybersecurity frontier. 

Attendees will learn:
  • How to move quickly to address new risks
  • Overcoming industry inertia: What's keeping us back, where do we need to press ahead
  • Developing cybersecurity talent, filling the jobs shortage
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Learn & Lunch Webinar: Innate Human Fallibility & Social Engineering

Location: Online Speaker: Storm Swendsboe, Director of Threat Intelligence, SafeGuard Cyber and Kyle Smith, Director of Security, NuHarbor

Lunch & Learn Webinar

Join SafeGuard Cyber and NuHarbor and learn how today's cybercriminals are targeting high-value targets in your organization.
Topics to be covered:

  • Examples of social engineering attacks that are on the rise and the effect they are having on enterprises.
  • How technology is trying to catch up to capture the context and intent of communications
  • Risks leading to malware and ransomware, insider threats, and these hard-to-defend social engineering attacks.
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