Pharmaceutical and life sciences are some of the most complex and highly-regulated industries. Since time-to-market and productivity pressures are so high, access to real-time communications and information are critical. This requires a more flexible and responsive IT environment. Digital transformation of the industry is well under way, especially in emerging markets. Companies incorporate everything from cloud-based CRM applications, such as Veeva, to Twitter and Facebook for customer engagement, and mobile apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat for sales communications.

With social media and other digital channels, IT, sales, marketing, and compliance teams often lack adequate visibility into employee interactions to understand internal risk exposures. Unlock these new technologies securely and compliantly. 


Compliance Risks

When focusing on FDA guidelines, supervision of employee communications and stringent record-keeping across all forms of electronic communications is paramount. Whether it's regarding proper disclosure of risk information, monitoring off-label use, correcting 3rd party misrepresentations, protecting sensitive Personal Health Information (PHI), or tracking of potential adverse events, digital channels are no exception. Compliance violations can result in heavy fines and penalties.

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Cyber Threats

The pharmaceutical industry is a prime target for hackers and cyber criminals. There is a robust market on the dark web for everything from healthcare records to intellectual property and other trade secrets. Digital channels are common targets for cyber-attack because they are relatively easy to compromise – malicious content, account impersonations & takeovers, malware infections, phishing and bot attacks are among the most common threats.

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Insider Threats

As many as 60% of cyber incidents originate with insiders. The digital channels of employees, outsourced service providers, and consultants have proven to be vulnerable to data loss (intentional and accidental), cyberattacks, and compliance violations.

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Brand Damage

Digital assets are often the target of brand impersonation attempts, social engineering campaigns, or digital sabotage. Even malicious customer posting can result in brand damage, loss of revenue, and shareholder value.

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Legal Exposure and Litigation Risk

Inability to preserve the digital “chain of evidence” for eDiscovery leaves the enterprise vulnerable to legal challenges.

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The world is digital. SafeGuard Cyber empowers your enterprise to engage with customers and new markets securely, compliantly, and at scale.

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