A Global 100 Pharmaceutical Company needed to reach healthcare providers in the crucial market of Brazil.


Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, in-person meetings had been the business norm.

Following the pandemic, to effectively reach potential customers, the company's 400+ person field force needed to leverage WhatsApp, Brazil's most popular messaging platform. However, the company had no way to allow their field force to use WhatsApp while ensuring that the messaging app was protected from both security threats and compliance violations.


This inability to safely leverage WhatsApp was hampering the Brazilian field forceʼs performance. Unable to meet customers on their terms, sales interactions were not as frequent, nor as high-quality, as the company desired. The COVID-19 crisis highlighted this limitation even further. According to the companyʼs Global Head of Product Management:
icon quoteCOVID-19 really expedited some of our conversations around modern channels and… accelerating digital transformation.


The SafeGuard platform uses machine learning to accurately process the volume and velocity of enterprise communications. Unlike the method of review sampling, SafeGuard provides 100% coverage, meaning the company is now able to monitor all of their WhatsApp communications – over 118,000 messages every month. The SafeGuard platform can automatically detect and quarantine potential malware threats in links or attachments, protecting the field force. Simultaneously, the company can detect and rapidly deal with any data loss risks, or compliance missteps on the part of individual reps.
With the SafeGuard platform in place, the companyʼs Brazil-focused field force can now leverage WhatsApp, delivering a better customer experience. As a result, sales interactions are now far more frequent, and of much higher quality.