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of women have experienced harassment and/or microaggressions over the past year even in remote work environments

Source: Women @ Work 2022 Survey, Deloitte

employees experiencing retaliation as a result of reporting misconduct.


Source: Ethics at Work: 2021 International Survey of Employees

in 3
of those reporting harassment said internal processes were worsened by remote work

Source: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Learn more about how to stop new cybersecurity threats in business communications.
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Accurately identify violations of business conduct guidelines

Detect and defend your workplace from Business Conduct Violations


"Some organizations view cybersecurity, and sometimes subsequently compliance, as a cost center rather than an investment. For those that value cybersecurity for the investment that it is, the SafeGuard Cyber Security platform is a must-have tool in any organization's security infrastructure." 

Director Of IT, Security, & Compliance


Learn How to Prevent Business Conduct Violations

Exec Impersonation
$4.5B Charitable Trust Stops Executive Impersonation and Donor Fraud
8,000+ accounts detected within the first 12 months, with over 87% identified as suspicious

The company had to pay a third-party agency to manually search, review, and process takedown requests -- a costly and time-intensive process. The organization felt it was still missing risks and takedowns were taking too long and were difficult to track. SafeGuard Cyber dramatically reduced the organization’s brand protection costs and resources.

Pharma Social Compliance
Global Pharma Company Empowered to Embrace Social Media
LifeSciPharma_Light (1)

When a Fortune 500 global pharmaceutical company needed to engage with customers authentically across multiple brands on social media while ensuring that all of these communications were fully compliant they turned to SafeGuard Cyber. By automating social media protection they were able to regain hundreds of staff hours.

Identify violations across multiple channels
Explore the 30 communication channels that SafeGuard Cyber protects.
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