Predictions: How Cyber Risks Will Evolve in 2022

Secure Your Communications

Protect the way your teams work together.

Gain detection and response capabilities for data loss and compliance risks.

Ensure your organization complies with SEC Rules 17A-3, 17A-4, and other regulations.


Securing your workforce collaboration against cyber threats, data loss, and compliance risks.

Microsoft Teams

Prevent data loss, insider threats, and social engineering attacks for internal business communications.


Collaborate securely with face-to-face meetings while ensuring data governance for Zoom.

Social Media

Empower MLOs to use social media to drive business while mitigating regulatory risk at scale.

“Our company is growing rapidly, and that means our risk exposure has too. SafeGuard Cyber is a vital partner in securing the many business communications platforms we need to continue growing and serving our clients to the highest standard.”

Chief Compliance & Risk Officer
Mortgage Company

of social engineering attacks achieve infiltration

Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

of social attacks in the finance sector involved phishing


Source: Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

of security leaders cite internal collaboration platforms as the highest risk tech stack

Source: SafeGuard Cyber Digital Risk Survey

Protect your business against security and compliance risks with automated policy application

Data Loss Protection (DLP)
Gain 100% coverage
NextGen Compliance
Automate Archiving For All Interactions
Detect when sensitive information is disclosed in communications, automatically alerting security operations.
Collab Slack Collab Slack

DLP policies for channel and DM communications. Enhance CASB investments with visibility at the messaging level. Go beyond log files.


Slack or Teams Connect securely, with policy enforcement and monitoring for communications with outside parties.

Customize policy application for different groups or regulated or non-regulated employees to reduce risk across your organization.
MS Teams Screenshot Data Loss Prevention for MS Teams
Streamline supervision for

All messages, links, and attachments.

Eliminate bottlenecks with distributed supervision.

Enhance workflows for multiple regions across global operations.

Streamline supervision for all messages, links, and attachments, for both internal and external communications.
LinkedIn Screenshot LinkedIn Phishing Compromise
Manage scale of

Digital communications with configurable machine learning, while remaining transparent for audit controls.

Detect and remediate

Violations in real time, with full quarantine supported for most channels.

Ensure accurate lifecycle governance for every digital communication and interaction, with integration into your preferred archiving platform.
SGC Audit Screenshot SafeGuard Cyber Audit Trail
Capture audit trails for

Full conversations, context, and accurate records for eDiscovery or investigation.

Customize retention rules

Ensure accurate lifecycle governance, with support for export.

Secure Communication to Drive Growth

Success Story

Success Story: Mortgage Company

SafeGuard Cyber automated compliance supervision for Mortgage Loan Officers using social media and security policy application for Zoom conferencing.

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Secure Human Connections

See how SafeGuard Cyber secures modern communication apps wherever they exist