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of enterprise IT and security professionals cite that unsanctioned apps are their biggest security and compliance concerns

Source: SafeGuard Cyber Digital Risk Survey

of companies surveyed state that they now view team collaboration as a primary means of getting work done

Source: Metrigy Issue Paper

of successful companies have proactive collaboration security plans


Source: Metrigy Issue Paper

Protect your people, brand, and data with SafeGuard Cyber

Enable Mobile Chat
Ensure Compliance Everywhere
Protect Against Data Loss
Governance for All Digital Communications
Rapid deployment at scale with agentless architecture, and supported by integrations with premier technology partners.
Pharma WhatsApp WA_BA_Phish_TP_570x222
Enforce DLP policies for field force communications

stop leakage of sensitive data and documents at the messaging level.

Prevent breaches

with detection for malicious links and content in messages.

Automate unified and consistent compliance supervision across all digital communications, for any language or region.
Pharma Salesforce Protect Salesforce
Drive business growth

by enabling free text fields.

Deploy security baselines

across multiple instances simultaneously and consistently.

Gain business agility and drive growth with new SaaS and mobile channels. Cloud-native defense to ensure resilience across your lines of business.
Tech MS Teams Data Loss Prevention for MS Teams
Enforce data loss prevention

policies for channel and DM communications. Stop leakage of sensitive data and documents at the messaging level.

Leverage Teams Connect

securely, with policy enforcement and monitoring for communications with outside parties.

Archive all content and metadata to preserve a complete digital record, including legal holds.
Pharma Zoom Zoom Data Loss
Apply governance

policies to all meeting content.

Supervise IMs, meeting chats,

shared files, and audio transcripts for violations.

See How Customers Protect Human Connections

WhatsApp Security
Global 100 Pharmaceutical Leader Automates WhatsApp Security and Compliance
Real-time monitoring of 100,000+ WhatsApp messages per month allows 400+ field force to engage with Brazilian healthcare providers safely and securely.

"COVID-19 really expedited some of our conversations around modern channels and… accelerating digital transformation."

Global Head of Product Management
Enhanced CRM
Global Pharmaceutical Enterprise Saves More Than $30M Using SafeGuard Cyber
Increasing quality of field force interactions and reducing review costs by $3 million per month.

Scanning across multiple languages, the award-winning SafeGuard policy engine and configurable machine learning detects violations with <1% false positive rates. 

Enterprise collaboration apps have become critical tools for businesses overnight. Because of that, incidents of cyberattacks and digital threats have spiked.
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Secure Communication and Collaboration to Drive Growth

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