Just Released: Advanced Multi-Channel Security with Microsoft 365 Email  Protection
of breaches in the last year involved an element to exploit a human vulnerability

Source: Verizon DBIR 2021

of organizations see risk management as reactive and costly vs proactive

Source: Disruption is the New Norm: Risk Management Survey Report, KPMG/Forbes

of business communication is now in digital channels outside of email, a 17% increase since 2020


Source: Business Communications Report 2022

Protect your people, brand, and data with SafeGuard Cyber

Natural Language Understanding
Cross-Channel Event Correlation
Accelerate Digital Transformation
Automate PV Compliance
Gain deep visibility into the context and intent of communications with patented NLU analytics.
Security-Compliance-Pharma-1_2022 Security-Compliance-Pharma_mobile-1_2022
Detect security risks in inbound and outbound communication,

even when no link or payload is present.

Disrupt the kill chain earlier by detecting pretexting, coercion,

and other social engineering techniques.

Correlate risk events across multiple channels such as email, Microsoft Teams, and even field force raps' personal social media or mobile chat accounts.
Security-Compliance-Pharma-2_2022 (1) Security-Compliance-Pharma_mobile-2_2022
Spot sophisticated campaigns

that target users across multiple channels.

Risk Reporting

helps gauge and track the security posture of your business communications environment.

Improve field force ROI and business insights.
Security-Compliance-Pharma-3_2022 (1) Security-Compliance-Pharma_mobile-3_2022
Enable CRM Free Text, WhatsApp, and other modern channels

to improve field force activity and quality.

Gain competitive advantages for HCP interactions

with proactive risk management.

Gain 100% coverage and automated pharma compliance and supervision at global scale.
Security-Compliance-Pharma-4_2022 Security-Compliance-Pharma_mobile-4_2022
Reduce oversight costs up to 80%

with cloud-based machine learning.

Scalable PV compliance solution with coverage for 52 languages,

supported by exhaustive policy libraries.

See How Customers Drive Secure Transformation

WhatsApp Security
Global 100 Pharmaceutical Leader Automates WhatsApp Security and Compliance
Real-time monitoring of 100,000+ WhatsApp messages per month allows 400+ field force to engage with Brazilian healthcare providers safely and securely.

"WhatsApp is critical to high quality HCP engagement in our overseas markets. SafeGuard Cyber's compliance solution enables field force agility, product delivery, and has helped accelerate our digital transformation."

Product Manager
Enhanced CRM
Global Pharmaceutical Enterprise Saves More Than $30M Using SafeGuard Cyber
Increasing quality of field force interactions and reducing review costs by $3 million per month.

Scanning across multiple languages, the award-winning SafeGuard policy engine and configurable machine learning detects violations with <1% false positive rates. 

WhatsApp Enablement Guide
See how regulated industries are enabling compliant adoption of WhatsApp.
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