Partnering with SafeGuard Cyber, Elevate Health now experiences improved visibility across multiple communication platforms, aiding in the detection of phishing emails, identification of PHI data leaks, and providing crucial HR-related support.


"Working with SafeGuard Cyber has been remarkable. They show genuine care for their products and customers."


— Aaron de Montmorency
Director - IT, Security and Compliance, Elevate Health


The Challenge

Elevate Health, a care coordination agency, found itself dealing with security challenges due to the use of multiple communication channels. The diverse communication ecosystem made it difficult to maintain visibility and manage risk effectively. Furthermore, the constant evolution of threat tactics posed an increased risk, necessitating a robust and adaptive risk management strategy. This need was particularly urgent given the sensitive nature of Elevate Health's work and the necessity to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI).

How Did SafeGuard Cyber Help?


Communication_Light_RGB 1Communication Security Enhancement

GroupPhishing Email Detection

Search-Analyze_Light-1PHI Data Leak Identification

SafeGuard Cyber proved to be an invaluable partner for Elevate Health, providing enhanced communication security and risk management. Our platform's capabilities enabled the detection of phishing emails, identification of PHI data leaks, and offered assistance with various HR-related issues. By partnering with SafeGuard Cyber, Elevate Health gained crucial visibility into its communication channels, mitigating risks and enhancing its overall security posture.

With SafeGuard Cyber, they can now gain visibility into communication channels, mitigating risks and improving overall security posture. 

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