The company’s commitment to personalized engagements with physicians, starting with WhatsApp, meant a large amount of communications were being sent by employees in Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East. The company collaborated with SafeGuard Cyber to ensure the retention and archiving of critical communications and drive compliance with major healthcare legislation.


The Challenge

As virtual technologies became increasingly integral to their operations in pharmaceutical, the organization faced the challenge of securing compliant communication with pharmaceutical providers. Employees across continents wanted to use WhatsApp, but the company lacked the secure archiving and retention of interactions that would drive compliance and security.

How Did SafeGuard Cyber Help?

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Discovery_LightAutomated Capture

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SafeGuard Cyber provided a robust solution to secure and archive communications, allowing pharmaceutical professionals to use preferred communication channels without worry.

Impressive results ensued: 98% of company employees opted in and an astounding 85% of WhatsApp messages were read by patients within the hour. This high-value content directly informs Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), enabling informed decisions that positively impact patients.

With SafeGuard Cyber, the global pharmaceutical leader has achieved unparalleled communication compliance and security, a 98% opt-in rate, and over 2 million interactions, elevating HCP empowerment and broadening capabilities.

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