The Challenge

Threat actors are constantly targeting businesses with Microsoft Teams malware attack campaigns. A plethora of Microsoft Teams malware poses a significant threat to enterprises that use the popular collaboration platform. Often, threat actors insert malicious documents into Teams chat threads to infect unsuspecting users and their devices.

With more than 10,000 messages a day being sent by 1,200 users, the security team realized it was incapable of detecting the patterns, content, and intent of communications. They were blind to indicators of phishing, social engineering, or Microsoft Teams malware in their systems.

The small security team needed visibility and a means to decrease MTTD and MTTR for any incidents.

SafeGuard Cyber

How did SafeGuard Cyber Help?

With SafeGuard Cyber, they can now detect social engineering in 50+ languages, prevent Microsoft Teams malware and ransomware from propagating the business, and reduce risk to the organizations in human communications.

SafeGuard Cyber

Compliance and Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT. With the explosion of the numerous communication channels SafeGuard Cyber offers the only strategy.

Andrew Simmons / Vice President
Senior Manager, Abott Laboratories

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