Recently, SafeGuard Cyber presented in the Solutions Showcase at this year's FS-ISAC Spring Summit, to discuss and share insights on security and compliance for new business communications risk. Our SVP of Worldwide Solution Engineering, Steven Spadaccini, took the stage to showcase what we've learned over the past year, in conversations with customers and other leaders in Financial Services. From large banks to cryptocurrency brokerages to venture capital firms, it seems every institution is working through similar challenges when it comes to visibility in new business communication applications. 

Financial-Services-Security-Leaders_PresentationThe general consensus has been there's a visibility gap when trying to secure and maintain compliance across both corporate communication channels like MS Teams or Slack and personal applications like WhatsApp and Telegram. Both kinds of apps can be accessed across both managed and BYOD devices.

Steven explained how SafeGuard Cyber has developed an advanced and comprehensive approach to secure various communication channels used by businesses today. By providing seamless protection across Email, Social Media Communication channels, Collaboration channels like Slack and MS Teams, and Mobile Messaging applications such as WhatsApp & Telegram, SafeGuard Cyber ensures that businesses can communicate effectively and securely without compromising their sensitive data.

Steven shared with the audience how our API-first provides agentless deployment, deep visibility into the context and intent of language-based risks, and cross-channel correlation for compliance and security teams the ability to avoid regulatory fines, insider risks, data leakage, phishing, and ransomware. 

Here are some of the questions that the audience had after hearing Steven’s presentation.

  1. Can your solution be deployed on both managed and personal devices?

    Yes. Corporate-owned channels can be protected with quick deployment via API at the admin level. This provides visibility wherever the app is accessed, regardless of endpoint or network. For personal apps, we have an industry -proven opt-in process. User authenticate SafeGuard Cyber to monitor communications, without having to share credentials.
  2. How is your solution able to look at business communications in WhatsApp and Telegram vs. personal communications?

    Our Selective Archiving feature allows for personal privacy for users and corporate compliance visibility by distinguishing between who is a personal contact vs. a business contact
  3. How does SafeGuard Cyber fit into our existing security workflow?

    Our API-first architecture means that messages ingested from modern business communication applications and risk events can fed directly into existing security workflows via ITSM, SIEM or other applications.


If you are interested in learning more about the SafeGuard Cyber solution, you can take a quick 5-minute tour.

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