On this episode of the Zero Hour podcast, hosts Ashley Stone and George Kamide sat down with Anne Cornish, General Manager at RIMPA, Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia. They discussed how institutions around the world have been adapting to the massive shift over to digital due to COVID-19, and the links between cybersecurity and information and records management.



The Value of Records and Information Management

Established in 1969, RIMPA is a not-for-profit organization covering New Zealand and Australia. They are the longest serving peak body – that’s the Australian term for an advocacy group or trade association – for records and information management. New Zealand and Australia are notable for having some of the strictest information governance laws. RIMPA actively promotes best practices, sets industry standards, and fosters professional development across all business sectors and educational institutions. RIMPA also focuses on connecting and networking members.

As an advocate for records managers in a country with strict information governance solutions, Anne had lots to say about the current state of information management:

“The problem with information in the digital world is it's just a spiraling volume of information, that I personally don't think the records and information management professionals – or any of the professionals, even IT, I'd say – are actually capturing or managing effectively. It’s come to the point where I think it's just going to get out of control.”

Anne also discussed how unprepared many organizations are to apply controls to new communications technology – especially during this pandemic – and how to prioritize the power of information in any business or institution. Once upon a time, Anne recalled, records and information management was “a very paper environment, lots of manual tasks” But now digital is causing an “opening of the floodgates.” In this environment, organizations need to be extra cautious:

“With the introduction of digital, word processing, computers and such, having a computer and email on everyone's desks, the responsibility to prevent recklessness evolves to everyone in an organization.”

Records and information management can no longer be an afterthought, Anne stressed, nor can it be siloed to just a couple of team members. The importance of records management needs to be woven in to the totality of how an enterprise approaches software, systems and processes.

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