2020 has been a crazy, tumultuous year. We look back on the most listened to episodes so far, including guests we spoke to before and after the COVID-19 pandemic started. We wanted to highlight what remains true and the staying power of the technologies put in place to cope with the sudden shift to remote work, which looks to be here to stay for a long while. This episode revisits interviews with:

  • Gabriela McCoy, on gaining true insights and the art and science of data and innovation.
  • Orchid Bertelsen, on the 4th industrial revolution 
  • Aaron Pritz & Tim Sewell, on cybersecurity and risk management in the COVID transition to remote work 
  • Irwin Lazar, on the growth and sustained use of collaboration platforms
  • Jennifer Heyman, on how brands can best respond to customers in times of crisis
  • Brian Solis, on the "novel economy," and the economic transformation wrought by the COVID pandemic


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