Just Released - 451 Market Insight Report: SEC Reins in Use of Messaging Apps
of breaches in the last year involved an element to exploit a human vulnerability

Source: Verizon DBIR 2021

of organizations view compliance as a barrier to entering new markets

Source: Business Communications Report 2022

of business communication is now in digital channels outside of email, a 17% increase since 2020

Source: Business Communications Report 2022

451 Market Insight Report: SEC Reins in Use of Messaging Apps
$1.8 billion in SEC fines have been levied for recordkeeping violations for personal messaging apps. Download the report to learn more.
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Consistent policy enforcement for all your digital communications at scale

Drive Growth & Reduce Costs
Protect Inbound & Outbound Communication
Enable Digital Transformation
Rapid Time to Value
Remove the compliance barrier to authentic social engagement to build community and build pipeline.
LinkedIn LinkedIn
Detect security and compliance risks in any language,

for any regulatory framework

Integration support for leading sales engagement platforms

like Seismic LiveSocial and FMG Suite.

Gain deep visibility to protect your workforce from phishing, fraud, credential theft, and other social engineering attacks.
Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams
Analyze the context and intent of communications

to stop hard to detect social engineering attacks, fraud, and malware delivery.

Detect and prevent malicious links and files

in your Microsoft Teams instance.

Empower your teams to engage authentically in key markets.
WhatsApp WhatsApp
Apply policies to comments and capture all content in native format

in accordance with SEC and FINRA regulations.

Retain native experience

for end users.

Rapid deployment at scale, no agent or software installation required.
Telegram Telegram
Supervise communications for security and compliance policies,

with quarantine capabilities where supported.

Apply multiply policies across different regulatory frameworks


"Banks are always looking for ways to engage and communicate quickly with customers. Social media allows them to do that. And, SafeGuard Cyber empowers banks to ensure compliance for social media communications. The platform is easy to use, and the ability to quickly pull reports is essential for companies as heavily regulated as banks."

Jill Williams
Owner and Social Media Marketing Manager


How Our Customers Protect Modern Communications

Mortgage Company
Mortgage Company Reduces Security and Compliance Risks
With SafeGuard Cyber the company is securing its growth by reducing cyber and regulatory risks

"Our company is growing rapidly, and that means our risk exposure has too. SafeGuard Cyber is a vital partner in securing the many business communications platforms we need to continue growing and serving our clients to the highest standard."

Chief Compliance & Risk Officer
Social Selling
Asset Manager Drives Growth with Social Selling
Wealth Management
High-growth wealth management firm drives client engagement and revenue growth with authentic social selling.

“SafeGuard Cyber enables our Advisors and Portfolio Managers the freedom to engage with our clients securely and authentically while we take care of compliance.”

VP of Compliance and Supervision
Global Investment Firm Automates Governance for WhatsApp
Global Investment Firm Automates Governance for WhatsApp
When one of the world’s largest investment companies needed to assure SEC compliance for overseas employees using WhatsApp, it turned to SafeGuard Cyber.

SafeGuard Cyber provided 100% coverage, capturing all WhatsApp content in its native format, without the need to install an agent or additional app.

WhatsApp Enablement Guide
See how regulated industries are enabling compliant adoption of WhatsApp.
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Initiatives SafeGuard Cyber Supports

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