Digital Risk Protection Gets Personal


SafeGuardMe is a mobile app that empowers organizations to place SafeGuard Cyber's best-in-class digital risk protection directly in the hands of their enterprise workforce.


Social media and digital channels are transforming how enterprises and their employees do business. These new channels also place employees on the front lines of cyber security threats and compliance violations. The cyber threats facing today's social workforce include account hacking and compromise, malware infections, bot attacks. Communicating at the speed of mobile presents unique compliance challenges including leakage of sensitive company information, data privacy violations, and a whole host of regulatory exposures.


With SafeGuardMe enterprise organizations are protected at the individual employee level. Businesses and their teams can now seize the opportunities afforded by social media and digital channels Without Fear.

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Digital Risk Protection Gets Personal

Accelerate Onboarding

Accelerate onboarding
Streamline response time for account authorization requests, easing the burden on administrators and allow your company to onboard large teams rapidly.
Faster onboarding means you can drive innovation faster by increasing digital account adoption among your workforce.

Personalize Security

Personalize Security

Employees get a personalized dashboard that indicates overall social risk and at-a-glance summary of risk events by account.


Users can monitor their accounts and drill down on specific risk events for evaluation and follow up, improving visibility and transparency for personalized risk management.

Empower Action

Empower Action

Defend your enterprise at the front lines. Empower employees to take an active role in the account security management.


Account owners are notified of suspicious activity immediately, enabling more precise and rapid responses to risk events.



SafeGuardMe in Action

SafeGuardMe places digital risk management directly in the hands of enterprise employees. From the home dashboard, employees have a comprehensive view of their overall risk level, and the accounts or events that require attention, keeping them and your enterprise safe.

My Dashboard

Personalized home dashboard displays overall "social risk level," connection requests, and events that require attention. 

SafeGuardMe - Site - 1 - home



My Accounts

Employees can respond directly to account authorization requests, reducing overhead for company administrators.

SafeGuardMe - Site - 2 - Accounts

My Events

With the power in their hands, employees can take direct action on potential security events or drill down to view more details.

SafeGuardMe - Site - 3 - events

Available in App Stores

SafeGuardMe is currently supported as an app for iPhone and Android, as well as a web application. Look for it in the App Store and on Google Play.

SafeGuardMe on the App Store SafeGuardMe on Google Play

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