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Advanced Digital Risk Protection for High Tech Companies


Not surprisingly, high technology and information technology companies are on the cutting edge of the digital transformation. Fueled by the need for disruptive innovation, rampant growth, and staying ahead of global competition, high tech companies take advantage of every opportunity to increase team productivity, customer engagement, and partner effectiveness. Collaboration networks, such as Slack and Yammer, accelerate communications and information sharing. Social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, expand market visibility and help companies efficiently target and nurture the most highly valued prospects for their products and services. Enterprise cloud applications, like SalesForce, Skype, and SharePoint, help these companies stay in constant communication with their sales channels and partner communities while sharing the latest marketing and technical information.

Technology companies are high value targets for proprietary information like product plans, patents, internal processes, customer lists, financials, and M&A information –that must be protected from cyber criminals. Yet with the utilization of these social media and other digital channels that high tech companies find essential to their success, many of these same organizations are slow to comprehend the extend of security and compliance vulnerabilities that these digital channels expose to cyber criminals, as all these channels live in the cloud and operate beyond the direct control – and perimeter firewall – of the enterprise. IT directors, CISOs, and compliance officers often lack the visibility into employee communications, social postings, and other digital activities that are necessary to understand internal risk exposures, let alone the responsibility to safeguard their operations from a plethora of external risks that are intrinsic to uncontrolled nature of digital channels at large. 

Some of the most significant digital risk exposure for high technology companies include:

  • Cyber Threats - Bad actors find digital channels attractive targets for cyber-attack because they are relatively easy to compromise – malicious content postings, account impersonations & takeovers, malware infections, phishing and BOT attack are among the most common threats.
  • Insider Threats - As many as 60% of cyber incidents originate with insiders, including employees, contractors, consultants; knowing that email communications may be supervised <> insiders often elect to use other digital channels to hide wrongdoing; also, digital channels have proven to be the easiest point of ingress or egress for other malicious activity.
  • Brand and Reputation Damage - Digital assets are often the target of brand impersonation attempts, social engineering campaigns or digital sabotage; even malicious customer posting can result in damage to an organizations reputation and lost of shareholder value.


The SafeGuard Cyber Solution

SafeGuard Cyber delivers the leading SaaS platform to manage the full life cycle of Digital Risk Protection, so enterprises can detect, analyze, defend, and prevent cybersecurity attacks in real time – while automating governance and compliance. The SafeGuard Cyber platform empowers security, risk, and compliance professionals to protect their social and digital channels while enabling the adoption of these technologies across the enterprise Without Fear

Technology companies of all sizes around the world have adopted the SafeGuard Cyber approach as the most comprehensive way protect their digital channels from the dual threat of cyber exploits and compliance vulnerabilities that occur outside the perimeter of the firewall, including the following capabilities:

  • Cyber Defense – provides independent surveillance of account activity across the organization’s digital network; evaluates all postings, images, attachments and links for malicious content, inappropriate behavior, malware or other violations; suspends unauthorized accounts; takes down malicious posting or malware; takes down accounts under suspicion of ATO; deflects BOT attack; places high risk incidents under review for permanent remediation; generates audit trail for events and activities forensic investigation. 
  • Insider and 3rd Party Risk Protection – tracks conversation threads in context and applies contextual analytics and risk scoring; flags suspicious activity and takes down posting or attachments with high potential for compliance policy violations; applies AI-based algorithms and machine learning to evaluate insider and 3rd party communication for anomalous behavior and cyber threat signatures including malware or ATO profiles; blocks communications and/or takes down accounts that present high risk profiles. 
  • Brand and Reputation Safeguards – employs a variety of cyber defensive techniques to ward off branding attacks and reputational damage. Utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning, the surveillance algorithm looks for anomalous behavior in terms of account impersonations, BOT swarms (e.g. Follower requests), malicious content postings, phishing & spear phishing attacks – even anomalous employee activity; responds in real-time to take down suspicious accounts, block communications, quarantine malicious or sensitive content, raise send security alerts, and capture all the details with a full audit trail for forensic investigation.
  • VIP Safeguards – extends similar cyber defense techniques to ward off VIP attacks and account compromise. Advanced analytics techniques may involve more stringent scoring of “high risk” VIP communications in anticipation of account compromise scenarios, even blocking anomalous VIP behavior that violates policy controls until said risk incidents can be properly reviewed.
  • Real-time Compliance - automates real-time, policy-driven supervision of user activity and communications, with contextual analytics and risk scoring to flag or take down content with high potential for policy violations while reducing false positives; pre-built policies pages for HR, business conduct, financial regulations including SOX, SEC, & GDPR; customizable and extendable.  
  • Archival Retention & Litigation Readiness – automates capture of all communications and content, including all postings, attachments, images, links and metadata across all digital channels to secure, immutable, compliance archive with full retention lifecycle management and defensible disposition. Provides full metadata and text indexing, and advanced search capabilities to enable collection and export for eDiscovery, legal holds in place, as well as APIs to facilitate advanced integration with designated enterprise eDiscovery systems.  
  • Pervasive Channel Coverage – integrates with over 50 of the most popular digital channels, organized across 4 distinct digital networking categories including social media, mobile communications, collaboration networks, unified communications, and enterprise clouds.

Customers can be up and running in minutes with no on-premises systems to be installed. Pre-configured agents embedded in all the major social and digital channels route the data to our cloud where a powerful AI based system of policies identifies anomalies and takes real-time steps to protect the enterprise at massive scale.

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