Not surprisingly, high-tech and IT companies are on the cutting edge of digital transformation. Fueled by the need for innovation, high-tech companies take advantage of every opportunity to increase team productivity, customer engagement, and partner effectiveness. Collaboration networks, such as Slack and Yammer, accelerate communication, while social media networks expand market visibility and help companies target and nurture prospective audiences. Enterprise apps, like SalesForce, Skype, and SharePoint, help them stay up to date with their sales channels and partner communities.

With these digital channels, IT directors, CISOs, and compliance officers often lack adequate visibility into employee interactions to understand the internal and external risk exposures. Technology companies are high-value targets for IP theft: product plans, patents, internal processes, customer lists, financials, and M&A information.


Cyber Threats

Digital channels are common targets for cyber-attack because they are relatively easy to compromise – malicious content postings, account impersonations & takeovers, malware infections, phishing, and bot attacks are among the most common threats.

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Insider Threats

As many as 60% of cyber incidents originate with insiders. The digital channels of employees, outsourced service providers, and consultants have proven to be vulnerable to data loss (intentional and accidental), cyberattacks, and compliance violations.

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Brand Damage

Digital assets are often the target of brand impersonation attempts, social engineering campaigns, or digital sabotage. Even malicious customer posts can result in brand damage, loss of revenue, and shareholder value.

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The world is digital. SafeGuard Cyber empowers your enterprise to engage with customers and new markets securely, compliantly, and at scale.

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