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Prevent multi-channel attacks across your critical business communications.

Secure Email
Cross-Channel Correlation
Azure AD/Okta Integration
Defend against advanced email attacks
Security BEC-BCC_1_2022 Security BEC-BCC_mobile-1_2022
Enhance the native security capabilities

available for Microsoft 365.

Detect sophisticated attack campaigns by correlating indicators across multiple channels.
Security BEC-BCC_2_2022 Security BEC-BCC_mobile-2_2022
Monitor inbound and outbound email

and 30 different channels of collaboration, chat, conferencing, and social media.

Simple setup and rapid response for cloud-based identity management.
Security BEC-BCC_3_2022 Security BEC-BCC_mobile-3_2022
Enable automated response to threats

with proven Azure AD and Okta integrations.

of the billions of records breached in a year that are compromised via insiders, both malicious and accidental


Source: Security Intelligence

amount cybercrime will cost victims globally this year, up from $3 trillion in 2015



Source: Cybersecurity Ventures

enterprise IT and security professionals citing that unsanctioned apps are their biggest security and compliance concerns

Source: SafeGuard Cyber Digital Risk Protection Survey

Get the solutions brief to learn how to protect against social engineering, ransomware, and insider threats.
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