RSA 2020 was full of exciting news and opportunities. Our favorite news was the official announcement of our partnership with CrowdStrike! The SafeGuard Digital Risk Protection App is available in the CrowdStrike store. Now, you can remediate threats both in the cloud and at the managed endpoint with one integration!

The SafeGuard Digital Risk Protection app provides CrowdStrike customers with:

  • Improved Visibility
  • Advanced Defense
  • Expanded Security

The adoption of social media channels like LinkedIn, collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, and mobile chat like WhatsApp expose organizations to new digital risks. Traditional network and device endpoint security does not protect activity happening in those apps because they sit outside the perimeter, leaving organizations vulnerable. 

Bad Actors know this and are taking advantage. Israeli soldiers learned this the hard way with the “Cyber Honey Traps of Hamas”. But it’s not just a military tactic. Businesses face the same threats, whether it’s social engineering your employees on social media for financial gain or malicious activity on Slack and Microsoft Teams to steal IP.

The cost of not having visibility into social and digital channels include:

  • Reputation damage
  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of IP
  • Regulatory fines

That's why we partnered with CrowdStrike to create the Digital Risk Protection App. SafeGuard works through CrowdStrike Falcon APIs to:

  • Analyze indicators of compromise (IOC)s on digital channels
  • Validate indicators of attack (IOA)s
  • Coordinate joint action to neutralize threats on physical endpoints

Now is the time to fill the security gap. If you are already a CrowdStrike customer, visit the CrowdStrike store and request a 30-day free trial today!

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Whitepaper: Learn more about how CrowdStrike and SafeGuard Cyber work together
in helping organizations have visibility against cyber threats.

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