Facebook Breach:
What's Your Next Move?

Defense in Depth is the Answer

Facebook's data breach highlights that even the best and brightest companies with vast resources cannot offer perfect security. In this case, Facebook was the only one that could have prevented the attack. The need for independent, comprehensive, customer-centric software is clear. Learn how SafeGuard Cyber equips enterprise organizations with defense in depth.

Discover Your Digital Footprint

Conduct a scan of your enterprise footprint in the social cloud, taking inventory of both known and unknown (i.e. unauthorized) digital accounts and assets, including social, mobile, collaboration and enterprise cloud applications.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Our vulnerability scan systematically identifies digital risk exposures across all discovered digital accounts and assets. We score these vulnerabilities by channel, type, and severity to prioritize action steps.

Take Corrective Actions

Implement specific actions to remediate vulnerabilities and current threats

Facebook Breach Report: Risk Analysis & Defense Strategies

The Facebook breach is a serious cyber threat for organizations large and small. Exploits based on this breach may persist for many months to come. Download the risk report to see:

What makes this breach unique and more dangerous
A detailed analysis of the risks associated with the breach
The potential consequences and worse case scenarios
How to operationalize your organization's defense