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Spear Phishing is on the rise today because of the confluence of three forces. 

1. The Adoption of social and collaboration channels 


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Tools like Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp have displaced email as the preferred channels for personal and professional communications. 


By the end of 2021, 2 out of 3 businesses are expected to adopt these applications, which completely bypass the traditional enterprise security defense perimeter. 



2. The rise of remote workforce and WFH


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74% of CFOs intend to permanently shift some employees to remote work.


Home networks are blighted by legacy routers, PCs, and IOT devices. protecting this highly distributed remote environment from attacks and breaches is a major security challenge. 



3. The rise of social cyberattacks

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Email security is a $3 billion industry. But security for collaboration, chat, and social channels is under-developed. Your average cybersecurity team has no tools that protect them from spear phishing attacks mounted through LinkedIn, Slack, or WhatsApp. Bad actors know this, and are shifting their resources to focus on such channels. 


How can enterprises protect their third-party cloud channels from spear phishing attacks?

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