of cyberattacks use social engineering


Source: 2019 Cyber Security Statistics Trends and Data

of costs impacted Washington County in recent social engineering incident.


Source: World Bank Blogs

the increase in daily cyber security complaints received by the FBI in 2020, from an average of 1,000 to as many as 4,000

Source: Security Boulevard

SafeGuard human connections for government agencies

Protect Employees and Citizens
Consistent Policy Enforcement
Protect High Profile Public Officials
Governance for All Digital Communications
Protect accounts, assets, and communications.
LinkedIn Gov Screen LinkedIn Phishing Attempt
Protect your citizens from malicious account impersonations

detect and initiate takedowns.

Secure employees' accounts

against social engineering, malicious content, and malware.

Automate unified and consistent security and compliance policies on all your platforms, no matter what network or device employees use.
Government MS Teams Screenshot Data Loss Prevention for MS Teams
Enforce DLP policies

for channel and DM communications. Enhance CASB investments with visibility at the messaging level.

Leverage Teams Connect securely

with policy enforcement and monitoring for communications with outside parties.

Protect your high-profile leaders' accounts from cyber threats, including data loss, spear phishing, and social engineering.
Facebook Account Takeover Facebook Account Takeover Fraud
Detect account compromise and

revert back to original state in real time.

Respond to risks in real time,

while VIPs message contents remain masked and inaccessible, with Industry-first TotalPrivacy.

Archive all content and metadata to preserve a complete digital record, including legal holds.
Government Zoom Screenshot Zoom Data Loss
Apply governance policies

to all meeting content.

Supervise IMs, meeting, chats,

shared files, and audio transcripts for violations.

See How Our Customers SafeGuard Human Connections

Mortgage Company
Mortgage Company Reduces Security and Compliance Risks
Mortgage Company
With SafeGuard Cyber the company is securing its growth by reducing cyber and regulatory risks

"Our company is growing rapidly, and that means our risk exposure has too. SafeGuard Cyber is a vital partner in securing the many business communications platforms we need to continue growing and serving our clients to the highest standard."

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
City of Vincent
City of Vincent, Western Australia, ensures compliance and accuracy of information over Facebook
City of Vincent
Adapting to a nearly 25,000% increase in Facebook messages at the beginning of Covid-19.

"SafeGuard Cyber has streamlined our social media information security and governance. This outcome supports the growing use of modern communication platforms without the added operational overhead."

Peter Ferguson
Executive Manager, Information and Communication Technology, City of Vincent
Social Selling
A world leading wealth management company drives growth with authentic client engagement on social media
Financial Case Study
Automating record-keeping of all risk events and applying Advanced Malware Detection to protect advisors and the firms.

"With the newfound power to ensure compliance, wealth managers are able to securely and compliantly meet their customers where they are."

Digital Risk Protection for State and Local Governments
Learn how to secure your assets.
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Think Globally, Act Locally

Secure Communication and Collaboration to Drive Growth

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